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                Sinohard Hardware Co Ltd

                Call us toll free:
                +86 757 2555 2859
                Home About Us

                About Us

                Sinohard Hardware Co Ltd has been operating on the market since 2013 as a manufacturer, exporter, supplier of cabinet hardware and furniture hardware. Sinohard started in the concept of offering a complete "one stop" source of furniture hardware, cabinet hardware, building hardware in a variety of styles and designs for our valuable customers. Over the years, Sinohard have developed long-lasting relationships with our customers through superior product knowledge, flexibility and friendly courteous service.

                Sinohard began to use its own brand - once SINOHARD was found. For past years, We have been developing our sales on the whole world markets with special attention to win the long-lasting opinion of a reliable partner and to promote credibility of our SINOHARD Brand.

                Our products cover Drawer Slides, Undermount drawer slides, Handles and Knobs, Hinges, Gas Spring, Locks, Screws, Casters, etc

                We look forward to serving you and know that you will enjoy doing business with us.

                China Registeration(Unified Cocial Credit Code) Code.: 91440606MA51F8QQ94


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