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                How to Identify a Good Quality Drawer Slides?

                How to Identify a Good Quality Drawer Slides?

                How to Identify a Good Quality Drawer Slides?


                      There are various of drawer slides in market now. How to choose a quality drawer slide becomes difficult. A quality drawer slide is durable. It can save you time and money. 


                1, Product Surface: 

                No damages or scratchs on surface. The drawer slide is made from steel. If surface is scratched, there is no protected layer to protect steel from rust. The drawer slide will be rusty quickly.


                2, Loading Capacity: 

                The slide loading capacity directly affects the quality of the drawer. Pull the drawer completely, with the outer hand presses the drawer of the front, to observe the drawer front inclination from the side surface. The inclination of the smaller, the stronger the ability of bearing of the drawer. Thus can view the bearing capacity of the drawer.


                3,The material of drawer slide:

                The material decide the slides if they are strong. Surface of good quality of drawer slides will be very smooth. Of course, not every slides with smooth surface are good quality slides. 


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