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                Sinohard Hardware Co Ltd

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                TandemBox Drawer Slides Narrow Wall
                TandemBox Drawer Slides Narrow Wall

                TandemBox Drawer Slides Narrow Wall

                Product ID : LB82AL
                Product Tags :
                Product Attributes :

                TandemBox Drawer Slides Narrow Wall

                Load Rating: 30kg(70lbs)/450mm(18")

                Finish: Zinc Plated and Powder Coated

                Product Description

                Synergy Furniture Hardware

                Amazing Place to Discover 

                Undermount Drawer Slide

                Product Description                          

                Product NameTandembox Drawer Slide-Narrow Wall
                Size Range300mm(12") - 550mm(22")
                Surface FinishZinc Plated and Powder Coated
                Load Rating30kg(70lbs)/450mm(18")
                TravelFull Extension
                Quality StandardBIFMA
                Salt Spray Test(NNS)48 Hours
                Life Span50,000 Times
                UsedKitchen Cabinet

                Product Show                                    

                TandamBox Drawer Slides With Narrow Wall 3.jpgTandamBox Drawer Slides With Narrow Wall 4.jpg

                Product Packing                                

                Product Packing                                    

                Packing of Tandem Box Drawer Slides

                Standard Packing: 1pair/bag, 6pairs/carton. 

                Product Warranty&Return Policy    

                Your Furniture Hardware products are guaranteed for 3 years against defects caused by faulty workmanship or materials: 

                1,If you find any damage and defective product after received our goods, pls contact us ASAP. By email, with evidence like photos, we will arrange refunds or exchange. 

                2,If you find bulk defective products after received our goods, pls send evidence like photos by email. After confirmed, we will send our workers to fix it if necessary.

                3, Refunding, exchanging or repairing will be executed efficiently in a short time without any delay. 

                Our Service                                         

                Synergy Furniture Hardware Co Ltd started in business with the concept of offering a complete "one stop" source of furniture hardware products. Our products cover Drawer Slides, Undermount drawer slides, Handles and Knobs, Hinges, Gas Spring, Locks, Screws, Casters, etc

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